Why Prokofy Neva in Second Life is Creepy

Marianne McCann in Second Life showed me this post about Children AVs in SL.

Prokofy thinks they’re creepy. In fact, he makes a sweeping statement about it:

Meanwhile, let’s look at why child avatars are creepy. Because they *are* creeper. Pretty much everybody finds them creepy. Some have made rather hilarious comments about the Lindens’ creepy modernistic enviro-hegemonic architecture being as much as an adult, er, demotivator as the child avators lol. They *are* creepy. It’s *ok* to say that. So many are bullied and silenced and feel that they *cannot* say this for fear of being pilloried, badgered, accused of being politically incorrect and all the rest that I want to make sure everyone can follow their natural, untrammelled instincts here and feel free to say it: child avatars ARE creepy.

Now, everyone knows that I don’t really read SL blogs. For the most part, I just don’t have the time. When I’m in SL, I’m enjoying myself or (more often than not) creating stuff. SL has a huge variety of communities which I am involved in on many levels, but which I keep inside of SL and not on blogs or the web or, even, RL.

That being said, I’ve heard about Prokofy since years. He’s kinda a hard name to miss if you have anything to do with anything in SL. He runs a really popular SL blog and apparently comments a lot in the forums (which, again, I don’t read). For all I know, Prok has said a ton of stuff about me and I’ve never known it. But the real likelihood is that he’s never heard of me or, at most, has heard about me but hasn’t had anything to say about me in specific. I think he did mention me once on his blog when the original adult rules came up and I went to debate Robin Linden about it, but I really don’t remember and, quite honestly, couldn’t care less.

I’ll be up front about this: I don’t have a child AV in SL. I indulge in adult content a lot, I happen to make adult content, and I enjoy playing in it as well. If I see a child AV in most areas I’m in, it’s bad news to me. I’ll tell them to change or leave and I’m a hardass about it too.

However, Marianne is a friend of mine, and I think Prok is way out of line. The reason I think Prok is way out of line is very simple: he’s a fucking leech. Prok, Child AVs may creep you out, but guys like you creep me out even more.

Before you splutter and start getting all long-winded about why you’re not a creep, even though I couldn’t care less about your reaction, let me explain to you why I think people like you are leeches: you don’t do jack shit but open your fat fucking mouth and piss people off.

However, being that I’m writing a message to Prok, I should probably elucidate a fair bit more.

SL has tons of people in it: people who hang out, people who RP, people who DJ and just want to find a guy or a girl to date, people who trade land, marketing gurus, pervs, noobs, and creators.

Creators are at the top of my list. I’m a creator, but that’s not why I’m biased towards creators. I’m biased towards creators because we actually make SL what it is. Some of us make it our business, or part time work, but regardless of whether or not we cash in every week or month, we actually put shit out on the grid for people to enjoy and use. Without us, SL would be a bunch of Bryce 3D looking islands circa 1998 with default Bryce textures and nothing much more than a chatroom with lots of plywood boxes. Without us, the land that Prok rents to make his buck wouldn’t be worth jack shit.

So does Prok actually do anything in SL to contribute? I mean apart from playing a numbers game with land and opening his big mouth to criticize everyone else? Well, here’s the thing: I’m not really aware that he does.

That doesn’t mean that people who buy and sell land are leeches, but most have some modicum of respect for others who make SL what it is: they can shut up about most things and don’t have to create a mythology surrounding themselves about proudly being the biggest known assholes SL ever produced.

I’ll grant you something: I have a soft spot in my heart for polemicists. Prok is such a person. He’s a polemicist. I respect that art, and it’s a damned fine one. But most polemicists (a la Christopher Hitchens) actually tend to write books and contribute to the general collection of human knowledge. They don’t just open their mouths without producing anything valuable in return. Prok does, however, and that makes him a leech.

The fact is that Marianne McCann is also a creator. She’s great. She actually makes fun stuff. If Prok had one ounce of her talent and fun outlook, I might actually listen to him and give a damn about whatever the fuck his latest gripe is. But I don’t because, as far as I know, he’s a worthless jackass who just thinks he’s some sort of evil God. He might actually have a point from time to time, but it’s lost in the fetid noxious gas which apparently emanates from one of his orifices which proclaim things to be just so.

Marianne doesn’t deserve the reaming she got on Prok’s bullshit blog. Marianne was at a party at the opening of the sim to check it out, and there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s also nothing inherently wrong with having a Child AV and certainly nothing inherently creepy about it either. In the same way that some people want to play a cute kid for completely innocent reasons, some people also play tinies (really cute little furry animals). Should we bust up on everyone playing a cute AV just because they’re actually an adult?

I’m not going to enter the debate because many others have made much better points about Child AVs than I could ever dream of. But I will say that until Prok actually does something creative and useful and adds to the general collection of things which makes SL a really amazing place to experience (other than playing a land numbers game), he really ought to shut the fuck up about other creators whom are just having some innocent fun, as adults, in a completely legal way.

Prok, you’re a complete jerk and an asshole. I know you relish being called that, but here’s the clincher: you’re an utter waste of bandwidth; you’re a total waste of time; you’re completely fucking useless in SL. The lowest noob in an NCI sandbox learning to create a bead bracelet has contributed more than you have. Your place, Prok, is to shut the fuck up and sit down for a while. Go back to playing your land estates numbers game, which tons of others do without being blights on the grid, and stop insulting entire swathes of SL’s community with every single lengthy word that you type.

Prok really seems to go off on people enjoying SL as if they are all just clueless losers in the basements of the homes of their parents with no girlfriends or boyfriends, and no real lives. The fact is that Prok is a total loser for being so god damned judgemental. He’s the one who comes off like a nerdy jerk with no real life. Talk about a cynical asshole: he makes his living (or part of his living) catering to people he apparently loathes. It sounds like the only person that Prok actually gives a shit about is himself and his opinion – he couldn’t care less about others he hurts. All he wants to do is spout off without ever contributing, and be the biggest arrogant loser in both RL and SL history.