M Linden – CORPINT


Last night, I had a conversation with a good friend at, let’s say, a fairly high level of a major corporation in LL. She was fairly pissed off at the new rule changes in SL. This morning, I finished watching 1984 with John Hurt and Richard Burton. I did this poster up soon after. It’s a picture of M Linden. CORPINT is Newspeak for Corporate Interests. Sorry to be so inflammatory, but I just felt that it fit in a way. The V is comprised of two L’s to stand for Linden Labs.

Summer Seale – Astro Girl Skirt

Here’s the poster for the Astro Girl Skirt:

Astro Girl Skirt Poster

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your purchase of the Summer Seale Astro Girl Skirt.
While making the Astro Girl Boots, I made this miniskirt to go with the look. Since everyone wanted it, I’m putting it up for sale.
The center belt is a sculpt and the flexi prims use baked textures as well. It colorshifts nicely and glows. Not much else to say about it other than it’s very cute and very short. =)
Oh and it has an update thing in it in case I ever decide to add something to it. =) Don’t expect any updates, it’s a “just in case” thing.
Summer Seale <3
08.02.09 – Released v. 1.0
08.02.09 – Released v 1.1 – Name Changed…forgot to rename final product in original release. Duh. =)