Ice Throne at Area 51

This is the Ice Throne I finished last night with biggie and tiny pose sets in it. It’s the face of the troll I did for the contest and I wanted to put it up on a really cool thing that everyone could buy and use. So I made The Throne of the Ice Troll King. =) A bit a la Grieg’s “Peer Gynt – In the Hall of the Mountain King” sorta thing. =)
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Area 51 Christmas

Once again, my Mistress, Shuuna Sansome, pulls off such a beautiful job with sim decoration. She’s done a Christmas sim every year since 2007 I think, and it’s just wonderful. She uses tons of my trees too, as you can see, and the gingerbread house and other stuff. The castle is made by one of the french admins who is our friend, Sayara Suen from back in 2007. It’s simply gorgeous. =)
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First Prize! Third Time!

My sculptie Ice Sculpture for Raglan Shire’s third annual ice scuplture contest won first prize! Again! That’s my third year I’m in first place, but this was such a hard one. Everyone was amazing, honestly. We had so much talent, it was almost impossible to choose. Everyone did amazingly well and it’s not about the trophy…I loved the polar bears and the sea lions and the seal and the dancing waffle and everything, really. Raglan is the best. =)
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