Hypocrisy Hysterically Heightened

The pope (no capitals on purpose, thank you) has gone overboard for me. Not that he hasn’t before, mind you, but this time it’s personal. With his pronouncement that Atheists and Secularists are to blame for Nazis and Nazism, he has leaped from the realm of the offensive into the kingdom of hypocritical bastards.

That fetid, squalid, little runt of a man. How dare he?

This accusation from a…person…who joined the Hitler Youth at fourteen years instead of fighting it, and then the Wermacht, with “God With Us” emblazoned on his filthy murderous uniform?

What a disgrace this thing is which bestrides the world like a jackass, defecating on everyone and everything involved in progress. There is so much incredibly wrong with the rotten institution called the Catholic Church that one hardly knows where to begin. From promoting non-condom use in AIDS-rife Africa, costing the lives of tens of millions of people, to the forgiveness of Nazi-sympathizing bishops (are they Atheists and Secularists as well?), to the harboring of hundreds of child molesters in the guise of a “holy” cassock, and now this.

Who the bloody hell is he to moralize to us Atheists and Secularists? At least at the age of fourteen, I knew well enough never to have obeyed a law requiring me to join a racist and degenerate nationalistic outfit hell-bent on erasing an entire people from the face of the earth. Some might claim that it isn’t fair to judge this in hindsight, but then why wouldn’t it be? After all, thousands of other people in Europe resisted and fought against it – even in Germany. Many were killed, but that was a risk they were willing to take.

This isn’t a man who takes risks. This pope is a ruddy little coward who takes the easy option out every time – first hiding in Hitler’s Youth and then the Church for the rest of his life, never seeking to change anything for the better, never risking his neck for anyone. That is why the Church harbored and covered up all of those child molesters when he was in charge of that investigation – because he didn’t want to upset anyone.

I cannot think of a more cowardly, frightful, filthy little man in power; scared of his own shadow and blaming everyone else for his own faults. What a loathsome little worm he is.

It’s too bad he didn’t come to France, because I would have greeted him with the sharpest, fastest, most viciously aimed kick to his dessicated family rocks until he bounced off of the stratosphere and landed back in the Vatican, crashing down on his throne – which might as well be a toilet for all of the useless fecal matter that this thing exudes.

Fuck him and his entire organization.

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