Okay, about me real quick:

Hi, I’m Summer Seale. In Second Life, I’m basically a mostly (or totally) naked neko faerie girl. I make stuff that glows and glitters and is extremely skimpy to wear. I work in 3D with Maya for the most part. I have strong opinions on a lot of political issues.

Some people think I’m famous in SL. Let me tell you right now: fame is BS and fleeting. SL is weird in that tons of peple can know you, and tons more have absolutely no clue about you at all. Basically, it means nothing.

I don’t tend to read SL blogs or news unless somebody points me to a direct link. If I’m outside of SL, I’m not browsing SL sites – ever. I’m not “in the loop”. Lots of people live their lives reading fashion SL blogs and the like – I never do. Never. I”m not interested unless somebody shows me something specifically interesting.

I know lots of Lindens in SL, but lots more have no idea whom I am. At least I don’t know if they do because I don’t ask them. Outside of making stuff around my friends and family, I mostly don’t do much in SL. I rarely attend events for more than five or ten minutes because most of them bore me. The only exception is the Tiny events at Raglan Shire. Tinies from Raglan Shire are a community I entirely love. They’re fun and cute and crazy. I’ll go to events there for the entire time. They’re the only group chat I don’t automatically close when it pops up.

Other than that, I don’t have much left to say. If you think you’re gonna meet people through me, you’re totally mistaken. I don’t think I’m famous, most people in SL have never heard of me, and I just make stuff and don’t hang out and socialize much outside of my circle of friends. I have a real life, it’s active, and I sorta enjoy that.


Summer Seale =)

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