Barack Obama, Barack Obama and religion

Barack Obama, Barack Obama and religion

Barack Obama’s religion and political views have made him a controversial figure among conservatives and liberals alike.

In a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), 44% of Americans said they would be less likely to vote for Obama if he were Muslim, compared with 21% who said they wouldn’t be less inclined to do so. 

The poll was conducted by telephone and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9%.

According to PRRI, Muslims make up one in three Americans and have become a prominent part of the Republican party since Donald Trump was elected president in November. 

President Obama has come under fire for his comments in 2012 about Muslims, saying that they were not welcome in America.

“We should be welcoming to people of any religion, but we have to be wary of groups that claim to be Muslim,” he said.

The President has been accused of Islamophobia and racism, with some saying that he has encouraged Muslims to attack American citizens in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The survey found that one in five Americans believe that Barack Obama is an “Islamophobe”, while 29% said they did not believe he was.

However, it found that 47% of people who identified as Republicans and Republican leaners said they think he is an Islamophobe. 

In 2014, President George W Bush’s Baghdad Cabinet included Muslim names and signs in the national monument designations of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Afghanistan. 

But the White House said in March that the names and symbols were a “historical error” and did not represent the views of the United States.

President Obama’s brother-in-law, Barack Obama, also faced backlash for comments in a 2012 interview that Muslims should not be welcome in the US.

“I think that some people may be uncomfortable with some of the religious symbols that are on the flag.

I think that’s the nature of being a public figure,” Mr Obama said.”

And I think it’s very unfortunate that some of those symbols are seen as offensive.” 

President Barack Obama has also faced criticism for his stance on religion, including supporting religious leaders who are criticised for their criticism of Islam.

The PRRI poll asked Americans to rank Barack Obama on a scale of 1 to 10.

President Obama was rated 10 on the scale.

The survey was conducted between December 9 and December 11.

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