Bill Gates’ religion, Pakistan, may be an easy fix for Iran

Bill Gates’ religion, Pakistan, may be an easy fix for Iran

pakistani religion,south africa religion,philip jackson religion,pakistan origin religion,indian culture religion source techradar title Philip Jackson, author of India: The Story of a Nation, may have ties to Iran article philip jackSON religion,pakistan origin,philips jackSON source techRadar article Bill Gates, author and CEO of Microsoft, has been accused of having links to Iran, according to an article in the New York Times.

The newspaper reported on Monday that Mr Gates is a director of a non-profit organisation called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which the Times described as “a group that focuses on promoting American democracy”.

The article did not say whether the group was affiliated with Iran’s ruling regime.

Bill Gates is an unlikely figure to come up with a new name for Iran’s government, and a possible cover for the country’s growing isolation, but that may be one of the biggest risks to its credibility in the international arena.

While the country has suffered under a crippling economic embargo since the 1979 Islamic revolution, its relationship with the West is closer than ever.

In 2009, Iran and the United States signed a landmark deal to lift the crippling sanctions.

It has since been a major target for Western sanctions, which have included an arms embargo, embargoes on imports, sanctions on foreign firms and a ban on US-made goods.

Mr Gates has been a vocal critic of the sanctions.

“Iran is the biggest threat to world peace,” he said in 2012, saying that the US would have to cut its aid to Iran if the country had nuclear weapons.

“If you want peace in the world, you need to have sanctions on Iran,” he added.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation said that it would “continue to promote human rights and democracy in Iran”.

“We believe it is important to help the people of Iran build the democracy and social cohesion necessary for a thriving democracy,” it said.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, meanwhile, said on Tuesday that his country was “not in any way concerned” about the new report.

“It’s about the Iranian people and the international community’s responsibility to understand and appreciate their needs,” he told reporters in Tehran.

Iran has not commented on the new article, but it has been the subject of a recent wave of anti-American sentiment after it released the names of a dozen US diplomats kidnapped by Iran.

The US, Iran’s largest trading partner, has also been hit by an influx of cash from China, which it says is used to prop up the government.

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