Brazilians have the most religious beliefs

Brazilians have the most religious beliefs

Brazil has a relatively high percentage of Christians, but it’s not the only country in Latin America where the country has a lot of believers.

According to data collected by the World Values Survey, the country’s Christian population in 2016 was nearly 17 percent, or 9,800,000 people.

A large number of Brazilians consider themselves Christian, according to the survey, and many also identify as evangelical Christians.

While the majority of Brazil’s population is Christian, many of its urban centers and poor areas also have large numbers of Christian communities.

According the World Religion Survey, there are more than 3,500 Christian congregations in Brazil, making up more than 20 percent of the country.

Brazil has an estimated 15 million Christians, or around one out of every six adults.

Many of them live in the inner city of Brasilia, and most have roots in the city of São Paulo.

Brazil’s Catholic Church has also grown in the last decade.

According, the World Factbook, in 2015 the number of priests in Brazil rose by more than 50 percent.

The church also holds the title of the second-largest religion in the country, with nearly one in four Brazilians identifying as Catholics.

According a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center, only one-third of Brazilans identify as Christian.

According an online poll by the Brazilian Center for Applied Research and Education, only 20 percent believe in the Bible.

Despite its Christian population, Brazil still has a long way to go to become a majority-Christian country.

According in the World Religious Index, which is the highest measure of religiosity in the world, Brazil has only a 0.2 percent ranking among the world’s 10 most religious countries.

That puts Brazil at the bottom of the list.

The World Values survey also found that a quarter of Brazilis said they were not sure if they were Christian or not.

In 2016, more than half of Brazilís population (51 percent) did not believe in God, according the survey.

While there are some people who are Christian, the survey found that only 11 percent of Brazilí population actually practice Christianity.

It also found the countrys rate of Christians to be the lowest in Latin American and the Caribbean, and that the majority do not believe that religion should be compulsory.

Brazil is also home to the worldís most Catholic country, where nearly two-thirds of Brazil´s population are Catholics.

Many churches in the state of Rio de Janeiro also have more than two-fifths of their congregations being Catholics.

The countrys Catholic Church is the largest in the region, and its numbers are growing fast.

In the state capital of Brasília, the Catholic Church boasts more than 2,700 priests.

Brazilian President Michel Temer has said he will bring more pastors to the country as part of his effort to bring Christianity back.

Temer said he was inspired by the Portuguese saint and religious figures, and he hopes the new priests will make a positive impact in Brazil.

According Temer, the state needs to work to bring more people into the Church.

“We have to be active to be part of the future, and in particular in the church.

We have to become more involved in the Church,” he said.

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