Jon Huntsman and the Republican Party

I don’t like Huntsman. I wasn’t going to vote for him.

But it was refreshing to see a man stand up on the right and publicly state that he accepts the scientific evidence for evolution and climate change.

I give him a ton of credit for that. However, it was not the way to win the Republican nomination because the conservative base doesn’t accept these things. In fact, they believe that these things are the enemy. They believe that science is the enemy.

That makes me sad.

Now, we only have Republicans who publicly state that they don’t accept the scientific evidence for evolution or climate change – or anything else scientific, for that matter. And whether it’s because they are trying to become accepted by the most inbred, lunatic, racist, paranoid, deluded bunch of idiots in the country or whether they actually don’t really accept science as the fundamental way of discovering the way that the universe works doesn’t really matter much to me. The fact is that the right is utterly devoid of the ravages of intelligence.

I find this to be incredibly sad. I blame dogmatic jingoism and religion for this. For years, Americans have been told, over and over again, that they live in the “freest” nation on earth, the “best” nation on earth, and the one “blessed by god”. And now that their little rustic world has come crashing down around their shoulders, all that they can do is retreat further into the fantasy which they have been taught.

If you want to be elected as a republican today, you have to state that you believe in bronze age magical, superstitious, ignorant thinking, or you will never, ever, be elected.

Republican candidates today, including Ron Paul, are simplistic, divisive, paranoid morons. And it does matter a great deal if you accept science or not. A person’s beliefs do matter. The goal of going to school for decades isn’t to teach us to make decisions based on our fantasies, but to make decisions based on acquired knowledge which has taken centuries to collect. We don’t sit in class to learn matters and subjects based on “a feeling” which we get when we close our eyes and just robotically “believe” something to be true.

We go to school to learn how to process information, accept science in a variety of subjects, and then build our own thoughts upon it so that we may lead more educated and enlightened lives and, perhaps, to one day contribute to that body of knowledge ourselves as well.

Not everyone is a scientist by profession, but everyone is supposed to be a scientist in our daily lives. Even when we drive or cross the street, we don’t just blindly turn or cross because we “feel” that a car isn’t coming the opposite way. We learn to observe and process data.

Somebody who publicly states that they don’t believe in this process is not worthy of my vote. In my view, they are not even worthy of much in the human discourse.

And they are certainly not worthy of running this country; of fixing complex problems which require deep thinking and problem solving. They have missed the entire point of what it means to be educated.

I’d rather vote for a village idiot who understands that you will never, ever, be able to fly by simply thinking very hard and wishing it were true.

Religion is Evil

I’m going to try to make this as quick as I can.

The first reason being that there already are a slew of things to read on the subject of 9/11 today starting since around a week ago, and the second is because I really don’t want to mark this day any more than I already have to.

Ten years ago today, I was living in New York City, and I was there with a few other million people when the towers collapsed. I lost neighbors, friends, and acquaintances that day. The front doorstep of my house in Brooklyn became a local shrine to our firefighters and neighbors that we lost. A lot of people stared in shock and horror and cried, and I didn’t.

I didn’t cry at all because I knew it would happen someday, and I knew what idiots were fully capable of. I also didn’t go around saying that now, “Everything is different.” I knew then, as I know now, that you cannot so easily change a society steeped in ignorance and religion – and that goes for both sides of this conflict.

9/11 did very little to change American society, and it did even less to change the “Islamic World” – a term I happen to think is an outrage as much as saying that we are the “Christian World”.

All that 9/11 did was make Americans more touchy-feely and maudlin about national tragedies, or think that “God” was on our side in the fight against Bin Laden and his moronic self-immolating brigades.

A lot of people still don’t get it. They won’t get it because their entire universal view is based on mythology which only a bronze-aged cave man could come up with when they had none of the answers and, even worse, none of the right questions.

The message of 9/11 is this:


That’s all you need to remember about 9/11.

Now, a message to the religious people: I don’t care if religion gives you a sense of purpose, or meaning, or makes you act kind at times, or if it wants you to change the world for the better. You can get that from certain drugs as well. Religion is the retardation of societies at this point, and it has to be entirely discarded. Religion is rationalization of ancient mythologies which have absolutely no bearing on reality in any way whatsoever. Religion, for lack of a better word, is evil.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to say that we’ve grown as a species and we’ve discovered more than any person could have imagined two thousand years ago. We’ve discovered the real answer to how the earth was formed, that stars, the universe, and how we evolved as well. It’s time to say that we have learned everything real from science and nothing from those ignorant books which come out of a dawn of our species.

Don’t “believe”, because all that you are doing is enabling the fanatics. If you are a believer, or a “spiritual” person, you’re just as guilty. Yes, you. It doesn’t matter if you “feel” a certain way or not, and please spare me the tears of how wonderful it makes you as a person.

Science may not have all the answers yet, and perhaps it never will have some of them, but let me ask you this: Is it any surprise to you that any time we have discovered the answer to a burning question, it has never turned out to be “spiritual”? The answers to all of the great questions so far have been discovered with only one thing: Science. That’s it. That’s all we have to go on. We have not found cures to diseases, or even discovered that diseases even existed, or found the age of the earth or the answer to how we are here, or discovered electricity or the atom with any religious book. We, as a species, discovered all of these things with science.

Some will say that science is cold and heartless, and those people are utter fucking idiots. Science is humanity. Doctors cure disease and pestilence every day and save thousands or even millions of lives because of science. Dr. Jonas Salk, discoverer of the polio vaccine, literally saved the lives of millions of children in this century alone by his work.

That is cold and heartless? That is something without ethics or morals?

Did he even reach for a “holy book” when he was working? No, he didn’t. He reached for a stack of work produced by other people before him, entirely based on science and not “religious feeling” and rhetoric.

And some religions would have him still burn in hell because he was not a Christian or a Muslim. Now, that is Evil. To even think that is insane and offensive. You want a clear cut definition of how religion is poison, then you think about that. You want a clear example of how science is not cold and heartless, and religion is utterly insane, then you think about that.

Your religions would burn Dr. Jonas Salk for all eternity because he didn’t conform to your holy books, and yet he has saved more children than any of you combined could ever imagine.

Those are your religious morals? Exactly how do you justify that without sounding like a fucking ignorant asshole?

If you want to know what religion did for humanity in the last ten years, you can start with 9/11. You can start with suicide bombers. You can start with people praying in tongues in Congress live on TV and rejecting every scientific thing we’ve learned because they think it’s all part of the lies of the “devil”. That’s where your warm and fuzzy religious feelings are leading you, or enabling others to travel there.

I’m sick and tired of hearing that 9/11 was about anything other than religious mania. I’m tired of idiots justifying on the left and the right about how that doesn’t represent most religious people in the world. The fact is that it does represent all religious people who believe in a hell and who think that the world should be converted to their cause.

9/11 was about nothing else than that. And while our stupid, fat, soft culture tries to make it into a variety of things, and tries to mythologize it so that it becomes untouchable, I’m going to simply remember what it was really about and move on:

Religion is evil.


God’s Miracles

God sure has been unimpressive lately, hasn’t he?

Imagine that: we discover the scientific method, documentation, and recording…and the miracles stop coming our way.

Maybe back then he just needed the practice. After all….


He was going around carving entire highways into seas with enormous walls of water rushing up on either side, only to drown a massively huge army in the nick of time.

Then he went around, slaying entire armies with simply the presence of his eternal light while they writhed in agony on the ground, cursing the fate that they were born in the first place.

And then he was able to make the walls of a vast city-state come crashing down merely by the sound of some ram’s horns because they were calling out his name and will.

I’ll admit: so far, that’s all pretty fucking impressive. Bravo.


Encore, please.

Well, there isn’t much of an encore. It’s more of a “period at the end of a sentence” – if that, because it can pretty much be explained by science, medicine, biology, and chemistry. But…let’s see if you’re just as impressed anyway:

What the fuck is that???

Well, apparently: It’s a miracle.  

What it is is bacteria on a communion wafer which turned red in water so, of course, some think it’s a miracle.

I know, I know, the standards that people appear to hold God up to in his declining years appear to have slipped…a lot.

Poor God…maybe he’s just getting too old to go around whacking people on the heads left and right, reshaping entire vast bodies of water, and crashing down enormous stone walls. Perhaps he needs a break because his repertoire has become thoroughly unimpressive.


Scientists Flock to Telescopes to Marvel at Revelation

July 20th, 2011 – Caltech and NASA Observatories – With tears streaming down their faces, computer keys clicking away in hundreds of mathematical computations at once, and chants of relativistic and string theory equations, scientists have been flocking to telescopes around the world to witness a true revelation of science as truth in the Universe.

The latest pictures coming out from telescopes reveal an enormous infinity symbol ( ) buried within the Milky Way Galaxy. Surprisingly, it has never been seen before.

“This is a miracle of science and we all feel it deep inside,” said one scientist named Rodney Fermian who drove all night with his family several hundred miles to witness the image on the telescope himself “it proves the truth and reality of science. Science bless physics!” he exclaimed.

Another professor of Astrophysics, Umberto Tallini, commented calmly how this reveals something deep about the universe. “Religious people have no ground to stand on,” he said, pausing to refill and light his pipe “people need to understand that the hand of science has revealed itself in this image and that they should bow down and worship it because it just shows that we’re right and everyone else is going to be damned into the nucleus of a proton so small for the rest of eternity, doomed to collide over and over again with an anti-proton in a grand release of energy so intense that it will melt their very existence forever if they do not kneel and accept this image.”

While scientists gathered around, many chanted equations of supersymmetry over and over again, and some even made offerings of the smallest particles they could hold in a gesture towards the image on their telescopes as thanks for giving them proof that scientists are brilliant and the rest of the world are absolute idiots.

“We don’t really mind religious people living amongst us, but they better know that this sign shows how doomed they truly are.” another scientist named Bob Helgard explained. “I hope this picture convinces them of their folly of their ways as it is a miracle that only science can offer. Blessed all be to science.” he clapped his hands and started to chant more equations dealing on the nature of String Theory.

Whether or not this picture is a miracle of science will have to be debated and settled at a later date, of course, as all the scientists were in agreement that peer-review was the best thing ever and was necessary to discover the type of miracle it was, using the most esoteric kinds of language possible so that the common layman could never have one chance in ten to the power of pi to ever understand it. They were all in agreement as well, however, that religious people are fools and are doomed, and the proof was in the picture.

The Greatest Book Ever?

Dear Theists,

Raging debates in the Atheist and Skeptic communities aside, Richard Dawkins and PZ Meyers were recently debating Muslims outside of the World Atheist Convention (clips on Youtube):

After watching the claims of Muslims, and Christians (in clips of the Atheist Experience) about how wonderful their particular Holy Book is at understanding all things scientific, astronomical, medicinal, and even geological, I really had a simple question to ask them:

What great, enormous, and incredible scientific discoveries have been made of late using only your Holy Book?

I really apologize for such a blunt and rude question which, essentially, states “prove it or shut up”, but I think it’s warranted. Exactly what huge scientific leaps in any field have been made with the Bible or Koran in the last couple of hundred years?

You see, it’s not good enough to dig through your obscure passages and then point to already-discovered knowledge and say “Aha! It was written about in there all along!” Well, if it was, then why didn’t it talk about it more plainly? I’m really sorry to doubt every single thing you claim as science in either book but…quite frankly…I do.

You have two choices on that front now: either put up or shut up. Show us “angry” Atheists out there exactly what science has been done using only the book that you claim was written by the Creator Of The Universe(tm). Such as: decoding the Human Genome (Francis Collins may be a fundamentalist, but he didn’t use the Bible to do his job), discovering the Big Bang, revealing the Theory of Relativity, explaining the Theory of Gravity, creating the transistor and microchip, sending people to the moon, sending rovers to Mars….you name it: show us something that your book revealed, discovered. or pioneered in science using only that book.

If you cant, then I have a really simple reply for you and your claims: you can’t come running up on science’s coat tails, waving your holy book around, and squealing “I knew that all along! I was only testing you!” like some idiotic little bratty child who is too proud to admit when he’s just dead fucking wrong. I mean, it looks egregiously stupid, arrogant, uninformed, and immature. It’s also selfish because you’re trying to claim advances on your side which you never, ever, made or had anything to do with.

The fact is, religious people: you got nothing; nada; zilch; zip. You got some words written by people who knew absolutely nothing at all about the world around them, about the stars, microbes, evolution, geology, chemistry, medicine, or a whole lot of other things which we have discovered since they were written, and those words are obscure at best. They are so obscure and wishy-washy at times that you can’t even make out what they mean. Other people have to actually come along, discard those books, and then figure shit out on their own using actual logic, reason, experimentation, and a rigid set of laws with tons and tons of hard work and even more failure than you can imagine before a success, before you peevishly are able to climb up on what they’ve built with their hard work and say “Hey! I was here first! This is mine! My stuff beat you to it and knew about this all along!” like some dumbass little pipsqueak sidekick that, frankly, I want to just kick aside into the corner like the annoying little rodents that you are.

So, if you think that’s an unfair comparison, then put up or shut up: what the fuck has your holy book actually discovered, since it is so blessed with infinite knowledge, that it alone can claim the discovery to with absolutely zero scientific help whatsoever?

Anything? My guess is: Nothing.

And if that’s the case, then please shut the hell up about your book knowing more about science than science itself. It doesn’t know squat about science. That’s why, when you go to study astronomy, medicine, biology, or any other actual science, the first book they tell you to crack open and start reading isn’t your “special” book. In fact, it’s not even on the same bookshelf as any of the others.

Maybe most theists are too stupid to understand this, but that’s a major fucking clue.

Hypocrisy Hysterically Heightened

The pope (no capitals on purpose, thank you) has gone overboard for me. Not that he hasn’t before, mind you, but this time it’s personal. With his pronouncement that Atheists and Secularists are to blame for Nazis and Nazism, he has leaped from the realm of the offensive into the kingdom of hypocritical bastards.

That fetid, squalid, little runt of a man. How dare he?

This accusation from a…person…who joined the Hitler Youth at fourteen years instead of fighting it, and then the Wermacht, with “God With Us” emblazoned on his filthy murderous uniform?

What a disgrace this thing is which bestrides the world like a jackass, defecating on everyone and everything involved in progress. There is so much incredibly wrong with the rotten institution called the Catholic Church that one hardly knows where to begin. From promoting non-condom use in AIDS-rife Africa, costing the lives of tens of millions of people, to the forgiveness of Nazi-sympathizing bishops (are they Atheists and Secularists as well?), to the harboring of hundreds of child molesters in the guise of a “holy” cassock, and now this.

Who the bloody hell is he to moralize to us Atheists and Secularists? At least at the age of fourteen, I knew well enough never to have obeyed a law requiring me to join a racist and degenerate nationalistic outfit hell-bent on erasing an entire people from the face of the earth. Some might claim that it isn’t fair to judge this in hindsight, but then why wouldn’t it be? After all, thousands of other people in Europe resisted and fought against it – even in Germany. Many were killed, but that was a risk they were willing to take.

This isn’t a man who takes risks. This pope is a ruddy little coward who takes the easy option out every time – first hiding in Hitler’s Youth and then the Church for the rest of his life, never seeking to change anything for the better, never risking his neck for anyone. That is why the Church harbored and covered up all of those child molesters when he was in charge of that investigation – because he didn’t want to upset anyone.

I cannot think of a more cowardly, frightful, filthy little man in power; scared of his own shadow and blaming everyone else for his own faults. What a loathsome little worm he is.

It’s too bad he didn’t come to France, because I would have greeted him with the sharpest, fastest, most viciously aimed kick to his dessicated family rocks until he bounced off of the stratosphere and landed back in the Vatican, crashing down on his throne – which might as well be a toilet for all of the useless fecal matter that this thing exudes.

Fuck him and his entire organization.

The Long Dark Racism of the Republican Party

During yesterday’s confirmation hearings of Elena Kagan, it was unsurprising to see the GOP come out in full force. After all, she is a liberal, though mostly a centrist, and the GOP wants to do everything it can to discredit her, even knowing full well that she will be confirmed regardless.

But did they attack her on her merits? No. No such different and shocking news as that to report. Instead, they attacked Thurgood Marshall.

Justice Marshall, he of Brown vs. Board of Education fame. The first Black American in history to ever sit on the highest judicial body of our entire nation.

That Thurgood Marshall. The Justice Marshall who ended Jim Crow Laws in America before he even became a Supreme Court Justice.

Jon Kyl perhaps best summed up the Republican point of view: “Justice Marshall’s judicial philosophy, is not what I would consider to be mainstream.” Naturally, Jon Kyl must be ignorant of lesson plans in probably every high school in America which teach the decision of Brown vs. Board of Education. I would call that “mainstream”, as well as the notion that separation between “Coloreds” and “Whites” is not exactly a good thing.

Or maybe I’m wrong. It appears that I might very well be, because it appears that the mainstream of the conservative movement has now been out in full force with weapons which we thought of as relics of the past.

Setting aside the first year of President Barak Obama’s administration, let us instead just focus on the last few weeks. Starting with Health Care a scant few months ago, we had a gaggle of “GOP Activists” heckling Black Congressmen with public shouts of “Nigger!” as they walked out into the street, followed by shouts of “Faggot!” for Rep. Barney Frank.

We’ve had one of the Tea Party leaders, Dale Robertson, caught in a picture with a sign with the word “Niggar” in plain public view, talking about Obama. Evidently, Mr. Robertson may not have heard of Brown vs. Board of Education as can be attested to by his feeble attempts at spelling.

We’ve had the Arizona State Legislature, Republican controlled with a Republican Governor, passing a law which amounts to asking people with brown skin for evidence that they were born in the United States.

We’ve had the John Birch Society sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Commitee which was once ostracized for being a nutjob conspiracy-laden and racist organization.

We’ve had the Texas Board of Education, currently laboring away to re-write our children’s history books, trying to remove Justice Thurgood Marshall from lesson plans (as well as downplaying or removing Thomas Jefferson’s role as a follower of the Enlightenment in favor of Calvin). They also removed any mention of “minority soldiers” who earned Congressional medals for their valor.

Not feeling the need for the GOP to stop there, the Governor of Virginia went on record and said that he didn’t think that the issue of slavery to be a significant aspect of the Civil War. And then not to be outdone by that little upstart, the Governor of Mississippi, the former Chairman of the RNC, actually had this to expound upon the issue of slavery: “To me it’s a sort of feeling that it’s just a nit. That it is not significant. It’s trying to make a big deal out of something that doesn’t matter for diddly.

Then we had the wonderful moment in which Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, the big Tea Party candidate, duking it out with Rachel Maddow on his take on how the 1964 Civil Rights laws went too far. His view: If somebody wants to refuse service to anyone, for whatever reason, including the color of their skin, that’s their right.

Naturally, a firestorm errupted from some “Mainstream Americans” about this and he reluctantly appeared to back away from that statment. But that wouldn’t be Jon Kyl’s “Mainstream America” because many in his party, or political bloggers and commenters from that aisle, were busy trying to defend Rand Paul’s statement so loudly that they didn’t actually hear Mr. Paul “retracting” for yet another day or so after the fact.

Next, we had the massive whopper of Glenn Beck telling America that race relations were doing just dandy in George Washington’s time (completely ignorant of the fact, it would appear, that President Washington himself owned slaves). Then, having to actually rub salt into the wounds, he went on to add that everything would have been fine and peachy if the Civil War hadn’t come up and bit our wonderfully insouciant progressive outlook of the time in the posterior.

It doesn’t end there, of course. Lately, we’ve had former Senator Rick Santorum talking about how Obama really isn’t part of the “American Experience”. One might wonder why. Should he “go back to Kenya”, Mr. Santorum?

These are just a handful of examples from the vast expanse of the last several months, of course. But even if they were not interspersed with hundreds of other examples, one would only be able to rationally conclude that Race is a real problem for the Republican Party.

Thee biggest flaw according to these backwards philosophers, it would appear, would be that the United States has progressed far beyond 1860. Naturally, anyone who doesn’t appear to agree can never be called a “Conservative” and is to be shunned. One must ascribe to this “new” zeitgeist that the earth is only six thousand years old, that there is no global warming whatsoever, that science is out to destroy their way of life (and perhaps it is at this point), and that the Civil War was a great injustice towards humanity, to say nothing of the erradication of Jim Crow and the eventual election of a Black President.

Bear in mind that these examples demonstrate the vast swathe of current Republican and Conservative “thinking”. We are not talking about just a few lone wolves at a protest who show up because they want to have their insane theories on display; rather, we are talking about the top tier of the politicians and pundits who sway their masses with their ideology.

These leaders aren’t playing with fire to appease the masses any longer, they are setting the fire with flaming torches to disused rags that they have dug up from the past to try to gain power in the most horrific way.

What amazes me is that some people do not appear to be swayed by any amount of argument on behalf of this subject. They willingly go blind into the chanting masses and repeat after themselves that they are not part of a racist movement. But the fact is that they are. Today, for a person to be a Republican means for them to be part of an inherently Racist movement. A movement which would not only bar scientific knowledge from the classroom, but also now any advances in our post-slavery and separatist history. It means covering your ears, closing your eyes, and chanting “I’m not listening” to whatever evidence is presented to you.

Well, whatever your delusion, it is fairly easy for an impartial judge to see the Republican Party for what it is today: a racist, backwards, mysoginistic movement which wants to take us back to the pre-Civil War era. Their Golden Era appears to be one before Evolution, before Germ Theory, before legal abortions, before any advances in science and technology, and most certainly before any “Colored” person was considered to be equal under the law.

That is where the Republican and Conservative movement stands today. And, I’m sorry to say, I’m not buying any excuses. If you march with the “Tea Party” who want to erase progress, then you are endorsing their platform.

On the subject of platforms, one last statement: The Tea Party is National Socialism. It is a “grass roots” movement which has been inundated with flag-waving separatism by the “common man” who is rejecting the “elite” politician for a Utopian ideal from the past which never was. And it is being used by skillful politicians who talk up a great deal about race and a “new science” which rejects “junk science” for what they consider to be “science” in their favor. It wants to chase away scientists it considers to be a threat. It talks consistently about how elites have destroyed what they consider to be “real American values” and rejects anything outside of their inner circle as “unamerican”. It uses the terms which agrees with the idea of “God With Us” emblazoned on the sleeves of many of its participants. It talks about guns and revolution, and the legitimacy of certain Americans to call themselves American. It favors conspiracy theories about dark “cabals” controlling the world banks and government. And all done under an economic depression where the dollar has been devalued and frustrated people are easily manipulated.

If that description doesn’t agitate and disturb you in a very explicit way, then you really have no business marching, or making any political commentary until it does. Because that is where our country is currently headed, and that is what the Republicans have now pandered to and made “Mainstream”.

Time for the rest of us to wake up.