How did ISIS gain control of the world’s third-largest economy?

How did ISIS gain control of the world’s third-largest economy?

A global terrorist network has taken control of Vietnam’s largest economy, according to a report by the National Intelligence Council, as part of a wider effort to “steal” Vietnam’s wealth and steal the country’s leadership.

The report by NIC’s National Intelligence Center, released Friday, is the first comprehensive assessment of the rise and rise of the Islamic State in Vietnam.

The NIC says the group is “responsible for a wide range of terrorist acts across the country, including the murder of over 100 people in Hanoi last month.”

In the report, the NIC identified three primary leaders of the group, including Abu Sayyaf leader Samir Khan, who is believed to have carried out a string of high-profile attacks on police in Ho Chi Minh City and the capital of Saigon, and a number of other high-ranking militants in the province.

Khan is also believed to be responsible for the killing of Vietnamese journalist Nguyen Phu Trong in 2016.

He was convicted in 2015 for a series of bombings and killings of security forces.

The attack on the Vietnamese consulate in Washington, DC, in 2016, was also attributed to Khan.

“Khan’s [Khan] influence in the region, including with the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda, is strong,” the report said.

“In 2017, Khan led a large group of fighters in an operation against the French military in the countrys eastern province of Saipan.”

Khan’s group has also attacked police in Vietnam, killing at least 40 officers and soldiers, as well as at least eight civilians in a bomb attack in Huan Son Province in April 2018.

According to the report: Khan, a member of the terrorist group Islamic State, controls a large network of fighters, some of whom are from Syria, and is active in the eastern provinces of Saap and Hue.

Khan’s main bases of operations are in the provinces of Hue, Saap, and Huei Tse and the province of An Sa Province.

Khan also controls a network of foreign fighters from the Middle East who are also fighting with the group in An Sa and Huan Sa.

The majority of his fighters are based in Vietnam and the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

The group has a network in Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The attacks on the French and British consulates in Hoi An and Hanoa last month, as also the bombing in Brussels, Belgium, in March 2016, were carried out by Khan.

The United States has warned of the growing threat posed by Khan’s organization, and has pledged to work with Vietnam to prevent attacks.

Khan, whose group has been linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq, has also been accused of planning attacks against the US and other governments.

The CIA said it was monitoring Khan.

On Friday, Vietnam’s foreign ministry said that the government had arrested Khan and others.

It also announced the arrest of the three suspects who carried out the attack in Washington.

In a statement, the ministry said the government would investigate all the elements that led to the attack on diplomatic missions in the United States and around the world.

The ministry said it would provide information on the suspects and their links to the Islamic terror group.

The U.S. State Department has also issued a travel alert for Vietnam, warning of a growing terrorist threat in the nations southern region.

The department also said that a large number of foreign workers in Vietnam have returned to their countries of origin and are facing threats.

“Foreign workers in the Southeast Asia region continue to face significant threat from groups affiliated with the Al Qaeda organization, as they seek to undermine the rule of law and undermine stability in their home countries,” the State Department said in a statement.

“Our government will continue to work closely with the Government of Vietnam and with the international community to address the growing threats facing our citizens and workers in this region.”

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