How to vote for the new Australian Prime Minister

How to vote for the new Australian Prime Minister

The election for the prime minister is not scheduled until September 5, but the two frontrunners are already making the case for who they are. 

It’s been an election campaign that has seen the two major parties in power for more than a decade.

There’s no doubt the parties have struggled to gain traction.

Despite the political turmoil, many Australians have rallied behind the Coalition in the months since the election.

The Labor Party and the Greens have won a total of 10 seats in the federal parliament and the Liberals are also in power.

However, the political landscape has changed dramatically.

Australia has gone from a very rural country to a densely populated country.

We have an election on the horizon.

For many Australians, it’s a chance to make sure the government has the right policies.

What are the parties campaigning on?

While many voters will be watching the election in the hope that their preferences will change, they’ll also be watching closely to see if the parties will follow through with their promises.

They’ll be hoping that the Coalition wins seats to take the country to the next level.

But that doesn’t mean that the parties are going to make a strong commitment to the economy.

Rather, the major parties will be campaigning on how to bring in more jobs and more money into the economy and the way to create more good jobs.

As the parties make their case, they will also be taking the opportunity to talk about how they will address some of the most pressing issues facing Australians.

A lot of people are still waiting for the final result to be known.

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