The Greatest Book Ever?

Dear Theists,

Raging debates in the Atheist and Skeptic communities aside, Richard Dawkins and PZ Meyers were recently debating Muslims outside of the World Atheist Convention (clips on Youtube):

After watching the claims of Muslims, and Christians (in clips of the Atheist Experience) about how wonderful their particular Holy Book is at understanding all things scientific, astronomical, medicinal, and even geological, I really had a simple question to ask them:

What great, enormous, and incredible scientific discoveries have been made of late using only your Holy Book?

I really apologize for such a blunt and rude question which, essentially, states “prove it or shut up”, but I think it’s warranted. Exactly what huge scientific leaps in any field have been made with the Bible or Koran in the last couple of hundred years?

You see, it’s not good enough to dig through your obscure passages and then point to already-discovered knowledge and say “Aha! It was written about in there all along!” Well, if it was, then why didn’t it talk about it more plainly? I’m really sorry to doubt every single thing you claim as science in either book but…quite frankly…I do.

You have two choices on that front now: either put up or shut up. Show us “angry” Atheists out there exactly what science has been done using only the book that you claim was written by the Creator Of The Universe(tm). Such as: decoding the Human Genome (Francis Collins may be a fundamentalist, but he didn’t use the Bible to do his job), discovering the Big Bang, revealing the Theory of Relativity, explaining the Theory of Gravity, creating the transistor and microchip, sending people to the moon, sending rovers to Mars….you name it: show us something that your book revealed, discovered. or pioneered in science using only that book.

If you cant, then I have a really simple reply for you and your claims: you can’t come running up on science’s coat tails, waving your holy book around, and squealing “I knew that all along! I was only testing you!” like some idiotic little bratty child who is too proud to admit when he’s just dead fucking wrong. I mean, it looks egregiously stupid, arrogant, uninformed, and immature. It’s also selfish because you’re trying to claim advances on your side which you never, ever, made or had anything to do with.

The fact is, religious people: you got nothing; nada; zilch; zip. You got some words written by people who knew absolutely nothing at all about the world around them, about the stars, microbes, evolution, geology, chemistry, medicine, or a whole lot of other things which we have discovered since they were written, and those words are obscure at best. They are so obscure and wishy-washy at times that you can’t even make out what they mean. Other people have to actually come along, discard those books, and then figure shit out on their own using actual logic, reason, experimentation, and a rigid set of laws with tons and tons of hard work and even more failure than you can imagine before a success, before you peevishly are able to climb up on what they’ve built with their hard work and say “Hey! I was here first! This is mine! My stuff beat you to it and knew about this all along!” like some dumbass little pipsqueak sidekick that, frankly, I want to just kick aside into the corner like the annoying little rodents that you are.

So, if you think that’s an unfair comparison, then put up or shut up: what the fuck has your holy book actually discovered, since it is so blessed with infinite knowledge, that it alone can claim the discovery to with absolutely zero scientific help whatsoever?

Anything? My guess is: Nothing.

And if that’s the case, then please shut the hell up about your book knowing more about science than science itself. It doesn’t know squat about science. That’s why, when you go to study astronomy, medicine, biology, or any other actual science, the first book they tell you to crack open and start reading isn’t your “special” book. In fact, it’s not even on the same bookshelf as any of the others.

Maybe most theists are too stupid to understand this, but that’s a major fucking clue.

I Want To Torture And Kill Kim Jong Il / 나는 고문하고 김정일을 죽일 필요

I have been thinking about writing this for years now, but I never have. No, not because of fear of North Korean agents, but because I cannot fathom that anyone else doesn’t feel the same way about Kim Jong Il, his family, and his evil regime.

It seems painfully obvious, doesn’t it? After all, this is a man who continues to perpetrate Genocide in a multitude of ways, runs dozens of concentration camps, gasses entire families to “test” banned weapons on them, tortures men, women and children simply for being related to another person who may not have bowed properly to his picture or, somehow, “insulted” his floridly fat face by placing a coffee cup on the newspaper upon which it is printed.

I could go on. The crimes of North Korea are too huge to list. Literally millions have been starved to death simply to keep the regime going in more than a couple of famines. And now, we are learning that there is yet another famine, and North Korea is bullying for more “aid” – not to the people of course, but money and food to be sent to the “Dear Leader” and his minions first.

There are, by now, thousands of eyewitness testimonies and accounts of all of these unspeakable crimes from escapees of the biggest concentration camp in history. There is video evidence and documentary evidence of the most horrific crimes committed in Kim Jong Il’s name. Only a useful idiot would ever deny these things are going on by the thousands on a daily basis in that country. North Korea is even known for sending out agents to capture or kill people in other countries who have escaped their clutches for a while. The regime deals in drugs, trafficked in diplomatic pouches, nuclear technology, missiles, arms to terrorists, and everything else that undermines a more peaceful world.

Were I to go on listing these crimes, it would take weeks to read. And even then, there would be some people – assholes and morons – who would decry how we are no different. People like that make me laugh, they really do. Like “Truthers” and “Birthers”, and “Holocaust Revisionists”, these people are completely detached from reality. I would offer to debate them, but they are not worth my time. They are worth nobody’s time. To them, I proudly give the finger in a very vocal way and say “Fuck you, asshole.”

But they’re not really the problem. Kim Jong Il is the problem. Him, his family, his regime – they all have to go. And I am talking about a violence used to remove them hitherto unknown since World War II. They won’t go any other way. North Korea is not Egypt, and there will be no Tahrir square. There will be no North Korean rebels in the vein of Libya, as the North Korean population literally has no weapons whatsoever. There will be no “Asian Spring” to liberate them.

The only way to liberate them is by killing Kim Jong Il.

But that isn’t enough for me. No, I don’t want somebody to merely kill him and his family, I want them tortured, mutilated, maimed, broken, and then their lives violently ended in the most brutal and inhumanly way possible.

I must explain: I am not Korean and, in fact, I don’t even have any Asian blood whatsoever. I am a liberal, mostly on the left of center, who is even against the death penalty on principle.

But what can I say after watching a solid stream of information over years from that horrific place? What can a human being say other than it has to end, and to end in such a shocking way that no one else in history will ever contemplate being such a leader again out of sheer terror of what happened to that filthy little man and his guilty family and friends?

Yes, I want to put the absolute fear of divine retribution into that little man, and I am saying this as a complete anti-theist: I want him to suffer the torments of Hell, here on earth, before we wipe that smug little face from history for the rest of eternity.

What I will write further down is going to shock most people, but I have such undying hatred for that villainous little man that I simply have to express it. And after all, is it worse than what he does to his own people by the millions? Every single day.

I think not. I think that Moral Relativists should shut the fuck up for a while. I think that when they scream and yell that the West is just as bad, they should try living a day in North Korea, as a North Korean slave. I think that they should try to simply imagine what it would be like to have a radio in their kitchen, which you cannot ever turn off (because there is no off button), blaring propaganda about how Godlike the Kim family is. I think that they should try to live a day bowing to every single picture they pass of “Great Leader” and “Dear Leader”, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, or literally be taken aside and shot in the head – after being beaten first with their heads bashed against the wall and their blood pouring down their noses and chins before they are executed in public – their children forced to watch in the crowd.

Is my willingness to be Kim Jong Il’s torturer and executioner equivalent to that? No, it is not. You can say what you want about me, but I won’t torture and kill you for it, and I never will. But to such people like Kim Jong Il who do torture and kill for simply thinking something you do not approve of, I will gladly help to eliminate them from the world.

I have finished watching yet another documentary on North Korea named “Kimjongilia”, which is what has prompted me to write this violent piece. It is the story of escapees from North Korea – many whose stories have appeared elsewhere in media over the last few years, and many of these personal stories which I had seen before. And every time I have, bile has risen to my throat and I experience a rage and madness which I rarely experience at any other time. It hurts, and I always cry…inside and out. Afterwards, I cannot sleep or think of anything else for a few days.

So, why do I watch them? Why do I immerse myself in this horrific world time after time?

To bear witness.

It seems to me that almost nobody does, or cares to do so, anymore in the world today. But I care. North Korea has nothing to do with me, or my family, or my lineage, or even my daily experience, but I care because (as I have said) I am human. And the human tragedy going on there is so insurmountably deep, like the Holocaust, that it needs witnesses. It needs people to listen and try to change what is happening. It needs liberation from that Hell right now – not tomorrow, not later today, but now. Right now, a few dozen people, or perhaps hundreds, are literally being beaten and tortured for no crime that any sane person would recognize as such.

How can I express the horror of it? How can anyone? Can sane people even relate? Can people born in a more sane world even fathom such atrocity? I do my best, and these documentaries, articles, and testimonies teach me many things about myself, humanity, and the world. But I don’t think that any of us can if we were not born there, or suffered there under that brutal regime.

I know that my blog is already banned in China (since I went there and saw that not only my blog, but most of my name is as well), but that isn’t enough for me. I wiped my hard drive clean before I went, and nobody knows my real name, so nobody could identify me as Summer Seale. I know that the Chinese didn’t appreciate not only what I wrote about their regime, but what I wrote about North Korea in other places at various times. But again, that isn’t enough for me.

I want to humiliate Kim Jong Il. I want to be a threat. I want my name to actually reach his ears personally because of the things which I will write further down. I want him to become livid with rage that anyone could ever dare write such hideous things about him and relish in the idea of his demise. I want him to personally know what I think about him and his family and friends.

I want to torture him.

It’s a madness, really. But saying that doesn’t make me care. This vile little Hitler, and his progeny, are going to get what is coming to them one day.

I don’t want Kim Jong Il to stand trial at the Hague, to be treated with humanity, to be sequestered in a private cell and know that he is going to spend his last months there with three squares a day and things to read in clean clothes and relative quiet. For the millions he has tortured and killed, and continues to do so after decades in power, I want him to suffer the most brutal end imaginable. I want Kim Jong Il to suffer medieval torture for what he has done and does to people every day. I want him to scream out as the blood runs down his face for days on end while I use blunted and rusty knives to carve him out piece by piece and he shrieks in terror every time he sees me to start yet another “session”. I want electrodes attached to his balls and to slowly turn up the electricity until they fry, over and over again, until he is begging me to cut them off, but not before I inject massive doses of venom into his body to make the whipping with charged electric cables even worse. I want to waterboard him with his own blood and urine for days on end in a dank basement where thousands of his victims have lost their lives because even worse things have been done to them and continue to be done to them. I want him to watch as I do the same to his inheritor and son, Kim Jong-un, who is set to become the next Hitler in line in that tragic nation. I want him to know what it is like, to experience that, to curse what he has done to his family because of what he has done to other families completely innocent of any crime and sent to be tortured even now. And before anyone says that I shouldn’t wish that on his family – I do. I do so wish it on his family, because they are just as bad as he is. They continue to rule there, they support it, they enable it, they join in on the torture and decimation of their people, and they relish it as much as he does.

I want to hurt them all, because that is what they have made me wish for. If you have anyone to blame for these violent thoughts, it is them. These wishes are the direct result of the Kim family and their supporters. Some say that violence begets violence, and perhaps that is true. It certainly is true when it comes to what I want to do. Were it not for their direct actions, I would never have wished for these things. But I no longer regard Kim Jong Il as a human being; nor his wife, nor his son, nor his concubines, nor his friends and other family members, nor his state officials at the top who continue to perpetrate these most horrible crimes on the face of the planet.

I want them to suffer and die.

Kim Jong Il, if you ever read this, I will do my utmost to torture and kill you. This is a solemn vow. Be it myself, or by raising and donating money to those who will do it for me, or in my name, or in the names of the millions of people who have suffered because of you, I will do this to you and your family and friends. Kim Jong Il, “Dear Leader”, I am going to see to it that there is a chance that you are bludgeoned to death in a way that makes Mussolini’s death look like the most peaceful euthanasia ever deemed possible. I am going to see to it that my money goes to undermining your regime, that your son is racked on a medieval rack and broken and burned with red hot pokers in the same way that your guards tortured and killed so many with white hot hooks in their concentration camps for sport. I am going to feed your friends to the dogs, the same way that you feed newborn babies to dogs in those same concentration camps. And I will do everything I can so that every surviving member of your inner circle is witness to these horrors as their ranks are decimated one by one.

Kim Jong Il, I hate you, I curse you, I loathe you with a passion unrequited for the rest of my life, and I will do everything I can to destroy everything you have built around you and stamp it into the trash bin of history, and then invite people to come and spit on the ashes and urinate and defecate there.

Kim Jong Il, I will laugh at your pain and the pain of your friends and family, those enablers and guards who laugh at the pain of innocent people who dare not think that you are a God on earth.

Kim Jong Il, your name, the name of your father, “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, and the name of your family and friends, will become printed on the toilet paper of humanity, to serve as a reminder that the best thing you should ever be able to touch again is a load of feces.

Kim Jong Il, I want to kill you, and defile you and your family name, and I will contribute all I can to this endeavor. Comics that portray you as laughable, to ridicule and mock you, are not enough for me. I want your name to become the most vile kind of curse word in every language in the world, on par with “Adolf Hitler”.

Kim Jong Il, I want you to know that even were you to die before I can do these things personally to you, or help in their coming about, that I will continue until my dying day to make it come true for the rest of your entourage, and there is nothing that will ever make me stop. You are an essence of evil on the face of the planet and in the books of history to which I am committed to destroying irrevocably; utterly; with a finality hitherto unknown to you or the rest of the world.

Kim Jong Il, I want you to know that I will endeavor to cut off your eyelids so that you can witness every single moment of these horrific tortures and acts of brutal vengeance, reeking of unrepentant madness, unable to look away and knowing that this is what you have brought down upon yourself and those that you do actually care about.

And, in the finality of it all, just before the blackness hits you with the most excruciating wall of pain ever imaginable, you will be thinking these words: “Fuck, I really fucking pissed her off.”


Summer Seale

May 28th, 2011


(Warning: some of this footage and some of these stories are as graphic as Holocaust documentaries)



Torture in North Korea:

For North Korean Human Rights:

Welcome to North Korea:

Born and Raised in a Concentration Camp (Google Tech Talks):

Awesome Marketing

Had to share, and my favorite is the first one on the left. =)

Scammers are Idiots

Internet scammers just don’t stop, do they? They must be the biggest idiots on the face of the planet, which means that their stupid little tricks shouldn’t even be able to work. However, since they are catering to even bigger idiots out there, they simply won’t just fucking go away.

Case in point: Here’s an internet scammer who can’t even detect some serious dripping sarcasm. This is the first email I got from this fetid piece of shit douche bag:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

I am Kristen Lynne Boyd, a British & Northern Ireland Citizen by Nationality. I’m a 77 years old woman without a child to inherit my fortunes due to UTERINE FIBROID TUMORS CANCER which denied me pregnancy.

I have undergone several medical treatments of UTERINE FIBROID TUMORS CANCER in other to be pregnant but all efforts were in vain. I inherited my late father assets and funds, few weeks ago my doctor revealed to me that due to my UTERINE FIBROID TUMORS CANCER, I have number of weeks to live here on earth.

Though I have made several donations out most of my properties to relatives and my well wishers around but as much pressure mounted on my health, I can’t figure out what will happen next to me, Therefore, I decided to contact you, to solicit your support and assistance to kindly assist me with the distribution of these funds to Churches, Schools, Charity Homes, Less Privileges and Public Hospitals in your State.

The amount is UKGBP 11,450,000,000.00 Million British pounds is still with the Security Company in London and below is how the funds are going to be use, If you are willing and have interest to assist me on this please get in touch with me and email me for more details.

1) UKGBP 3,450,000,000 Three Million four hundred fifty thousand British pounds should be for you and your family members:

2) UKGBP 2,000,000.000 Two Million British pounds should 0be shared to the public hospital in your State:

3) UKGBP 3,000,000,000 Four Million British pounds should be shared to the charity homes and less privilege in your State:

4) UKGBP 3,000,000,000 Two Million British pounds be sharing to churches, schools in your State:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen Lynne Boyd.

Yea right.

I decided that since one was wishing for a little bit of the “Luck o’ the Irish”, I’d adopt a Father Ted level sort of mocking tone just to see what would happen. Why? Because unlike spam scammers, these people actually read the replies so as to try to con each person individually (or their scam wouldn’t actually work).

My reply:

Dear Kirsten,

God bless ye with a shillalegh! Did ye see a father over this little problem ye have? Oh but I don’t think I can do much without the sister’s consent at the convent nearby, but this year is their time for makin’ whisky, so I don’t think I’ll hear much from them for the next few months. I’m afraid that’ll be too long before you die, so I can only say God Bless Ireland and may ye be buried with all due honors as befits an Irish maid. I’ll pray for ye, of course – best I can do!


I figured that this was so over the top that there was no way I’d ever hear back from them. But, as we all know, these are degenerates living in Nigeria, which means they actually don’t have an education (key word being “degenerates”. Obviously this does not apply to most Nigerians who don’t go around trying to leech money from people on the internet).

But no, it wasn’t sarcastic enough for this particular diseased vermin, who promptly replied:

Dear Beloved,

May the peace of God be with you.I am happy for your immediate response,confidence and willingness to help.

If you are with me and ready to assist me in carrying out this project in Honesty, Sincerity and Trust, kindly get in contact with my attorney for formal introduction and also send him your bio-data,as i have already informed him about your interest to assist me.This will enable him start preparing the legal documents necessary for making you my hire (Next of Kin) and also the release of the funds to you by the finance company.

Contact my attorney with the details below:

Contact: Barrister Mfana Tutu
Email: [email protected]

I have attached my picture to this email to enable you know who i am.

My surgery will be taking place soon and i hope you will be praying for me. Please keep me informed as soon as you contact my attorney.

Your sister.

Kristen Lynne Boyd

Complete with the utterly hilariously fake picture of her in her hospital bed:


Too tasty not to reply:

Dear Madame and Sir,

I’m writin’ to ye from the Blarney Castle where I’ve kiss’d the stone for ye! I even saw a Father for ye problem because the sisters down the road were still busy makin’ up a batch of whisky. Ooh, but don’t they have the life here on Craggy Isle? I’ll be tellin’ ye, there’s no better life than tha’ of a father and sister.

I have to apologize because I’m not sure we understand legal documents here in Ireland. You see, we usually just let the Church preside over these matters and then, bless me heart, if they don’t feck it up somehow! Also, we still haven’t evolved past usin’ rocks fer currency – that or sheep. The Church took all our gold ages and ages ago, donchaknow? And what with the millions of orphans we have here plantin’ potatoes, we’re not sure we’ll be havin’ time to get around to printin’ money anytime soon. That means we don’t have any banks either because they’re an offense against God an the Church has to direct all funds for payments.

So, if ye be willin’, I suggest ye contact Father Ted Crilley at here Craggy Island. It’s the bit off the Western coast that nobody ever comes to. But if ye be passin’ or send a carrier pigeon, I’m sure he’ll be willin’ to talk to ye.

Best I can do! That and pray for ye again before ye die.

Are ye sure you don’t want to end it now while it’s not too hard? I’ll be sorry for ye passin’, but ye know, God takes all and I’m sure ye’ll be blessed because I kissed the blarney stone for ye!

Let’s see if this moron finally gets it, or if I have to actually start threatening their lives with insanely illegal torture which befits a listing at the Human Rights Commission – which I may actually do in the next reply or two if it keeps going on like this.

I will, however, keep you all updated if I do get a reply….

Hypocrisy Hysterically Heightened

The pope (no capitals on purpose, thank you) has gone overboard for me. Not that he hasn’t before, mind you, but this time it’s personal. With his pronouncement that Atheists and Secularists are to blame for Nazis and Nazism, he has leaped from the realm of the offensive into the kingdom of hypocritical bastards.

That fetid, squalid, little runt of a man. How dare he?

This accusation from a…person…who joined the Hitler Youth at fourteen years instead of fighting it, and then the Wermacht, with “God With Us” emblazoned on his filthy murderous uniform?

What a disgrace this thing is which bestrides the world like a jackass, defecating on everyone and everything involved in progress. There is so much incredibly wrong with the rotten institution called the Catholic Church that one hardly knows where to begin. From promoting non-condom use in AIDS-rife Africa, costing the lives of tens of millions of people, to the forgiveness of Nazi-sympathizing bishops (are they Atheists and Secularists as well?), to the harboring of hundreds of child molesters in the guise of a “holy” cassock, and now this.

Who the bloody hell is he to moralize to us Atheists and Secularists? At least at the age of fourteen, I knew well enough never to have obeyed a law requiring me to join a racist and degenerate nationalistic outfit hell-bent on erasing an entire people from the face of the earth. Some might claim that it isn’t fair to judge this in hindsight, but then why wouldn’t it be? After all, thousands of other people in Europe resisted and fought against it – even in Germany. Many were killed, but that was a risk they were willing to take.

This isn’t a man who takes risks. This pope is a ruddy little coward who takes the easy option out every time – first hiding in Hitler’s Youth and then the Church for the rest of his life, never seeking to change anything for the better, never risking his neck for anyone. That is why the Church harbored and covered up all of those child molesters when he was in charge of that investigation – because he didn’t want to upset anyone.

I cannot think of a more cowardly, frightful, filthy little man in power; scared of his own shadow and blaming everyone else for his own faults. What a loathsome little worm he is.

It’s too bad he didn’t come to France, because I would have greeted him with the sharpest, fastest, most viciously aimed kick to his dessicated family rocks until he bounced off of the stratosphere and landed back in the Vatican, crashing down on his throne – which might as well be a toilet for all of the useless fecal matter that this thing exudes.

Fuck him and his entire organization.