‘This is the last gasp’: Israel to ban Muslim prayer in parliament

‘This is the last gasp’: Israel to ban Muslim prayer in parliament

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned the worship of any “foreign” god in parliament, according to a statement posted on the government’s website on Friday.

The ban applies to the Israeli parliament and the parliament of the Arab state of Qatar.

The statement said the decision was taken “to safeguard Israel’s unity, security and prosperity”.

Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, is controlled by the far-right Jewish Home party.

The government said the ban on worship would be lifted once it has reached the Israeli Supreme Court, which is expected to make its decision in the coming days.

It said the move was aimed at maintaining Israel’s “unified and independent character”.

It also said it was to preserve the country’s “democratic character”.

Qatar, the Gulf Arab state which hosts Israel, is home to more than 3.6 million Muslims and is home mainly to Qataris, a Gulf Arab country of about 50 million.

Qatar’s religious affairs ministry said in a statement on Friday that it was following the government on the issue of banning the worship.

The ministry said the ministry has already notified the government of Qatar to issue a clarification on the matter.

Qatari officials have criticised the move, saying it is discriminatory and an attempt to silence Muslims.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Qatar-based Institute for Islamic and Political Studies said the religious ban “undermines the freedom of religion and freedom of expression” and that “Islam is a religion of tolerance and diversity”.

“The decision is based on a belief that the worship in the Kabbalah, a holy book used in Judaism, has no place in a democratic state and it also undermines the independence and sovereignty of Israel, a Jewish state, and the right of its citizens to worship any god,” the statement said.

Qatab, the Muslim-majority nation’s ruling family, has ruled the country for more than a half-century.QATAB has long opposed Israel’s existence, as do other Muslim groups in the Middle East.

Israel is one of the few Arab states that has never declared its allegiance to the Islamic State group.

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