Trump has said ‘we are all Muslim’ but is he right?

Trump has said ‘we are all Muslim’ but is he right?

Donald Trump’s comments about the role of Muslims in America’s Muslim community have been criticised for suggesting that the US should not be “Islamophobic”.

But the Republican candidate for president said on Tuesday he was “all about our country being all about Islam” but added that “I’m a Muslim myself”.

Trump said on “Fox & Friends” that he was not “anti-Muslim” but that the “American people” were “very anti-Muslim”.

“We’re all Muslims.

We are all Muslims,” he said.

“But I’m not anti-American.”

Trump’s comments came during an interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who asked if Trump believed that the country’s “religious identity” was “so important” to the country.

“I don’t believe so.

I believe we are all one nation.

I am an American.

I’m an American,” Trump said.”

We are all Americans, we are American,” he added.”

And when we see the carnage and destruction going on, it is so important for us to stand up and be patriotic.”

Trump is one of a growing number of US politicians who have made overtures to Muslims, with Republican Senator Mike Lee calling for the US to ban Muslims from entering the country and former Florida governor Jeb Bush also pledging to ban “radical Islamic terrorists”.

But he was the only US presidential candidate to say he did not believe Muslims should be banned from entering US soil.

O’Reilly asked Trump if he would ban Muslims if they came to the US, saying: “Would you?”

Trump responded: “I would say I’m going to ban them if they want to come to this country.”

O’Rielly said Trump’s suggestion that Muslims should not come to the United States would “do more harm than good”.

“You can’t ban somebody for being born here,” he told Trump.

“You have to make sure that they have an education and they have the right to get the job.”

Trump responded that it was “absolutely correct” to ban people because they were born in the US.

“It’s called the law of the land, it’s called our Constitution.

I mean, you can’t go and say, ‘We’re going to build a wall, we’re going get rid of them, we don’t want them here,'” Trump said, referring to a controversial plan to build an “impenetrable, razor wire-like” border wall between the US and Mexico.

Trump also called on his fellow Republicans to reject “all Muslims” who want to join their party.

“They want to be part of our party, they want people to vote for us,” he argued.

“So we’re not going to have a party where people can’t be part.

We’re not gonna have a country where people are not welcome here.”

If you don’t like the person, then they have to leave.

“Trump said Muslims “are a very important part of this country”, adding: “If we don

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