Watch: Gigi Hadid: ‘This is a very important moment’

Watch: Gigi Hadid: ‘This is a very important moment’

The star of the cult classic “Spaghetti Westerns” and “Spanking America” says her religion, Islam, has given her the opportunity to be the voice of women and minorities.

She speaks to the ABC’s Leigh Bracken about the importance of the Muslim faith and how she has been able to be a champion for women’s rights.

The ABC’s Ms Gabbard has become the first sitting US senator to visit Saudi Arabia and the first Muslim US senator from the Middle East, and her speech on the world stage in Riyadh today was a resounding success for Muslims around the world.

The senator, who is the first woman to be elected to Congress from a Muslim state, spoke out in the wake of a spate of deadly attacks across the Muslim world, including in the US, which killed more than a dozen people.

The first Muslim senator to speak out in such a way was Dr Jill Biden, the vice-president’s wife, who was murdered in 2008 by an Islamist militant in the streets of Cairo.

The speech, which also featured a plea for tolerance and equality, has become an annual event, with a number of world leaders attending.

The Muslim world is the fastest-growing region for global migration, and has been hit hard by the devastating effects of climate change, the Zika virus and the Islamic State (IS).

While in Saudi Arabia, Ms Gabinier was given a special VIP tour of the Saudi embassy and was welcomed with open arms by Saudi King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

She also spoke to the Australian community and gave a touching, touching speech to the crowd of around 100 people at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

“It’s been a very difficult couple of days, it’s been very difficult, and we have to work through it together,” Ms Gabi told ABC News Breakfast.

“I feel like I’ve had a lot of friends that have been impacted by it and I have friends that are going through it and we’ve all had a bit of a hard time.”

We’re a family of immigrants, so it has impacted a lot, I’m sure, of people who have been here for years.

“For me, I was able to speak with them about it.”

That’s the best way I can describe it, to really understand them and to feel their pain and understand how much they’ve been hurt by this.

“Ms Gabbards speech, delivered at a special reception in the embassy’s reception area, was a momentous one.

In a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the UK as a British colony, Ms Hadid said she was inspired by the example set by other Muslim women and girls across the world, from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan, and the role their faith has played in the development of a modern nation.”

In the past 50 years, we’ve seen incredible strides taken in women’s equality and social and political rights in many Muslim countries around the globe,” she said.”

When I was growing up, when I was an immigrant in Pakistan, I would tell my friends, you have to come to Britain to get equal rights.

“The British were so welcoming and they treated us as if we were second class citizens, and they were proud of us and proud of our heritage.”

So, for me, this is a moment when I want to say to the Muslim community that we are here to celebrate you and celebrate your values, your belief systems, your faith, and your courage.

“And to know that this is going to be taken away from you and you’re going to lose your freedoms.”


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