Which religious groups are taking on the Trump administration?

Which religious groups are taking on the Trump administration?

Religious leaders and activists in the United States and around the world are taking to social media and email to express their frustration with President Donald Trump’s executive order banning transgender people from serving in the military.

In a series of tweets and Facebook posts, people are calling for unity and unity of purpose in a nation that has been divided by Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

“The US is a country of love and hope and I want the United Nations to be a force for peace and justice,” wrote one person on Facebook.

The hashtag #UnitedWeStand was trending worldwide as people expressed their support for people who are not aligned with any religion.

In Germany, the head of the German branch of the Council of German Christians tweeted: “I am not against any religion, nor against the Muslim faith.

I am against the hatred of all faiths.”

In Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain tweeted: We are against the ban on transgenders and Muslims.

We have a right to worship as we please.


“In Australia, the Australian Council of Muslim Women tweeted: Our faith does not allow for discrimination against anyone.

We support all religions and belief systems, including transgendered people.

#UnitedTheresa”In the US, the president’s executive action was blocked by the courts.

But the administration appealed that ruling, arguing that the order was necessary to protect against threats from Islamic State militants and that the US military is “too small and too vulnerable” to attack by militants.

President Donald Trump signed the order on Friday, saying it was necessary “to protect the homeland from foreign terrorist attacks.”

The order bans transgender people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery from serving openly in the US armed forces, and bars them from using bathrooms that do not correspond to their gender identity.

In a statement, Trump said it was needed to “protect our military personnel, who are currently stationed in foreign countries.”

Trump also announced that the Defense Department would allow trans troops to serve openly in their own gender.

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