Why China will soon be able to worship in China’s new religious monuments

Why China will soon be able to worship in China’s new religious monuments

A group of Chinese citizens are suing the Chinese government to stop plans to build a religious monument on top of a mountain in central China. 

The Beijing Times reports that the group, the Religious Association of the Heavenly Kingdom (Raksha), filed a lawsuit against the Chinese Cultural Ministry and the State Administration of Religious Affairs (SAARI) on April 6.

The group wants to stop construction of the temple at the Kaishang Mountain.

The lawsuit says that the Kaisha Mountain temple would create a “disturbing image” and that it will “violate the spirit and intention” of the Chinese Constitution.

The Kaisha Mount Temple will be constructed by the Chinese State Administration for Religious Affairs in the southwestern city of Wuhan.

The project will include the construction of a temple that will be built on top a mountain, the lawsuit says.

It claims that the project will violate Chinese religious law, according to the Beijing Times.

“It is a violation of the law that is being promulgated,” a government official told the paper.

“The temple will violate the spirit of Chinese religion,” he added.

The state official did not provide further details about the lawsuit.

The site is located in Wuhans southern Yunnan province.

The temple will be the first of several proposed religious sites in the state, including a statue of Buddha and a Buddhist temple.

The official said that while the project has been approved by the Ministry of Culture, it will be a “challenging project,” adding that it would be “extremely difficult to enforce” the decision.

It’s not the first time that Chinese government officials have threatened lawsuits against citizens who have protested the construction or renovation of religious sites.

Last month, a Chinese citizen, Wang Jian, was arrested after protesters set fire to a Buddhist statue at the temple in Wuxi, an impoverished southwestern Chinese city.

Wang was released on bail and is awaiting trial.

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