Why tech and religious diversity are crucial to our survival

Why tech and religious diversity are crucial to our survival

By Recode staff | November 20, 2018 11:19:03Tech, religion and politics are all part of what makes the tech industry special.

That’s why tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook have invested billions of dollars in interfaith outreach.

And the tech and tech industry has been at the center of a national dialogue on religious tolerance and inclusion, in which faith leaders have been prominent.

That’s why Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is spending $1 million on interfaith work at the company.

And it’s why some tech companies are trying to foster the cultural identity of their employees with an open dialogue.

In recent years, religious groups have been particularly vocal in their criticism of the way tech companies have treated religious minorities.

As a result, tech companies around the country have taken steps to address the issue, like removing support for a controversial, controversial program that lets some companies give away free products to anyone with a religious preference.

The tech and technology industries have faced growing pressure in recent years to address religious tolerance, particularly from conservative evangelical Christians.

Many faith leaders are concerned about tech companies’ willingness to treat them with more respect than they have for the broader tech community.

While tech and religion have often intersected in the past, they’ve also clashed in recent months, with tech companies adopting a variety of tactics in response to religious groups’ criticism.

On Nov. 18, Facebook announced it would no longer let people with a Muslim or Jewish religious preference to participate in its “Sponsored Content” program.

The move followed the news that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, had pulled advertising from the company following reports of anti-Semitism.

And in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a religious leader that he would like to help those who “feel threatened by the inclusion of faith communities.”

The Facebook policy change was the first of several that tech companies adopted in response.

On Dec. 10, Twitter announced that it would stop allowing people with any faith to join its sponsored-content program.

The social network also announced that its “sponsored content” program would be suspended for at least one year, in order to address “anti-Semitism and discrimination.”

Facebook also announced it was ending a program that gave free books to people who said they identify with a specific religion, which led to some tech executives calling for a boycott of the company’s stock.

Tech leaders, however, defended the program as being in the public interest.

At the time, Zuckerberg told the Christian Broadcasting Network that the decision was motivated by the need to “move beyond the exclusionary narrative of the past.”

Facebook, which has more than 4 million employees and has $1.3 trillion in revenue, has been criticized for the lack of inclusion of religious groups in its offerings.

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