Why the Saudi princess’ ‘sisterhood’ is dead

Why the Saudi princess’ ‘sisterhood’ is dead

Saudi Arabia’s royal family has become the latest target of the backlash against what critics say is the country’s widespread abuse of women. 

Gigi Hadid, the princess of the United Arab Emirates, was accused of sexual harassment by two women last month, and her brother was forced to resign from his role as deputy chief justice of the Supreme Court.

The Saudi government has accused the sisters of seeking to “steal” the throne and of promoting a “cult of personality” among Saudi officials, and has said they face persecution for their role.

The sisterhood, which was first enshrined in a 1953 constitution, was a reference to the Muslim Brothers who were instrumental in overthrowing Saudi leader King Fahd, who was also the founder of the Islamic republic.

“This is not an opinion,” Interior Minister Mohammed bin Salman told the state-run al-Watan newspaper on Monday, using the name of the Saudi Arabian monarchy.

“We have a very serious issue in Saudi Arabia that concerns the entire country.

This is a serious problem, and it is a big issue.

I have asked my ministers to deal with this issue.”

The royal family’s influence over the royal court was once a matter of serious concern for many in the kingdom.

The women’s complaints were dismissed by the government, which said they were not related to the countrys royal court.

“The royal court is an institution with great responsibilities and power,” said Prince Turki al-Faisal, the kingdoms defence minister.

“It is responsible for ensuring that justice is delivered for all those affected by these acts.”

The Saudi royal family, which has been in power for nearly 80 years, has been accused of widespread abuse in the country and of stifling dissent by keeping many people in their place.

It has also been criticised for its treatment of women and other rights, including its handling of the women’s case.

It was not immediately clear what the royal family plans to do about the allegations, which came after a series of recent attacks by the kingdom against the royalist establishment.

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