Why voodoo is spreading to Somalia

Why voodoo is spreading to Somalia

Somalis believe in a mysterious voodoo god, which they believe can cure illnesses.

The belief, which was once believed to be indigenous to Somalia, has gained traction in the country in recent years, particularly in rural areas.

But as Somali communities in countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Ethiopia have seen the rise of this religion, many Somalis have become suspicious.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed says voodoo worship is not a disease.

But a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the belief that voodoo cures illnesses is widespread.

The belief that the supernatural can cure ailments, even deadly ones, has spread in Somalia, and many Somalians believe voodoo can help.

But experts say that it’s very unlikely that this belief is spreading in Africa, where it was once unheard of.

“The main reason I have been in Somalia for the past 20 years is because we have been fighting against corruption,” said Abdul-Karim Naji, a businessman and leader of the anti-corruption coalition in Mogadishu.

According to Naji and other Somalis, voodoo has been a popular religion since the 13th century, but has not taken off in the African continent since the 19th century.

Despite a recent boom in voodoo-related businesses in Mogadijo, a suburb of Mogadish, most Somalis say they believe the superstition is harmless.

“People are not afraid of it, they just need to accept it,” said Naji.

Abdul-Karam Mohamed, a Somali political leader, says the voodoo belief has nothing to do with voodoo.

He said the practice has nothing at all to do the African people, as they were born with vampirism.

But he said the African leaders need to stop blaming the African peoples for the African voodoo, as it was brought to Africa by the Africans.

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